With trails to suit every age and ability, you can easily explore the special places that reflect our heritage and environment at your own pace.

  • For the best harbour views, try the Port to Park trail that runs from Sulphur Point to Matua’s Fergusson Park.

  • Heritage lovers will enjoy the Historic Tauranga trail, which travels past sites that recall interactions between British settlers and Māori tribes more than 150 years ago.

  • The region also features several stunning trails through ecologically important wetlands. Choose Bethlehem reserves at one end of the city or the Pāpāmoa waterways at the other end, or you can experience the Matua Saltmarsh, Kopurererua Valley or Waikareao Estuary trails in the middle.

  • The award-winning TECT Park also offers a challenging 10km mountain bike ride through remote forest tracks.

  • Need a bike? Learn about bike rentals here.


Gordon Carmichael Reserve is a gem in the heart of suburbia, featuring 60 hectares of waterways, native plantings and abundant birdlife.

The reserve has a playground, drinking fountain and toilets near the main carpark and is popular with walkers, runners, dog owners and cyclists.

This attractive trail meanders through Bethlehem and past several ponds that host a wide range of waterfowl.

  • to

    1-25m elevation, grade 1

  • 8.6km (return); optional side trails

  • Mixture of boardwalk, gravel pathways and short roadside sections

  • Start or finish at Gordon Carmichael Reserve or Belvedere Reserve; can be joined from any nearby road

  • Gordon Carmichael Reserve is 1km north-east of the SH 1 Bethlehem roundabout

  • A family-friendly trail that features saltmarsh wetlands, creeks, ponds, birdlife, and information boards

  • Includes roadside sections and road crossings (utilising pedestrian refuge islands); be aware of walkers, young children and dogs in reserve areas

  • Toilets are located near the playground and carpark at Gordon Carmichael Reserve; additional streetside car parking at various locations along the route; picnic areas at the start and finish

  • Occasional signage

7 2023 Cycle Trails booklet image Matua option 1


The Matua Saltmarsh is a 21-hectare coastal wetland that helps enrich the quality of our harbour, protects the coast from erosion, and provides a habitat for many species of plants, fish and birds.

This off-road trail features a 200m boardwalk at the Matua end and offers an appealing journey linking up two nearby recreational reserves.

  • 1-5m elevation, grade 1

  • 7.4km (return)

  • Boardwalk and gravel pathway

  • Start and finish at the Bay Street Reserve, Matua, or at Bellevue Park; can be joined from any nearby road

  • The Bay Street starting point is 8km from the Tauranga CBD. Take the Chapel Street exit off SH 2 (Takitimu Drive)

  • This is a family-friendly trail that includes picturesque saltmarsh and estuary views, a variety of birdlife, a skatepark, and information boards

  • Includes pedestrian crossing; short section near train track

  • Toilets are available at Carlton Street Reserve; car parking is located at several points along the route; roadside parking is also available

  • Occasional signage

Kopurererua Valley cycle Trail Tourism Bay of Plenty


Kopurererua Valley is a 300-hectare natural, urban wetland and one of Tauranga’s largest reserves.

It encompasses farmland, native bush, a river, ponds, and many sites of historic and archaeological significance. It also serves as an important part of Tauranga’s cycleways network.

There are plenty of options to grab a drink or something to eat near both ends of this trail.

Learn more about Kopurererua Valley here.

A section of the pathway will be closed from 25 March 2024 with a detour in place until approximately 26 May 2024.
For more information click here

  • 1-3m elevation, grade 1

  • 8.9km (return)

  • Mixture of gravel, boardwalk and sealed, shared paths

  • Start/finish at The Historic Village on 17th Ave, or Marshall Ave, at the southern end of the trail, near the Tauranga Racecourse; can be joined from any road along the route

  • The Historic Village start/finish point is at the end of 17th Ave, off Cameron Road; or take the Marshall Ave exit off the SH 29A, Pyes Pa Road and Cameron Road roundabout to access the Marshall Ave start/finish point

  • A family-friendly trail that features a stream and native wetlands, valley views, birdlife, and information boards; passes The Historic Village and the Puketoromiro Pā site; you can also take the bridge over Takitimu Dr to check out the BMX track

  • This popular trail can get busy at times; can be prone to flooding and trail disruptions after heavy rain

  • Toilet facilities and car parking areas are at Faulkner St and Cambridge Park; car parking is also available outside The Historic Village (17th Ave) and at several other roads along the route, including the end of Westridge Dr

  • Directional and safety signage in places

TECT Park Buffalo Girl Track Tourism Bay of Plenty


TECT Park offers 1650 hectares of action-packed options and recently earned the 2022 Active Park of the Year title and the 2022 International People’s Choice Green Flag Award.

There are three mountain bike trails – the challenging Buffalo Girl Track and two shorter tracks to suit less experienced riders.

Bring a picnic to this remote, tree-covered park and check out some of the other activities while you’re here.

  • to

    INTERMEDIATE A. Buffalo Girl Track 10km (loop)
    EASY B. Kererū Track 3km (loop) - grade 1
    EASY C. Uno Track 1.8km (loop) - grade 1

  • Dirt mountain bike track

  • Start and finish: once you enter the park, follow the signs to the mountain bike area

  • TECT Park is situated approximately halfway between Tauranga and Rotorua, off SH 36 (29km from Tauranga and 30km from Rotorua); the park’s eastern entry is signposted on the highway

  • This park hosts a lot of clubs so you may spot activities like paintball, clay target shooting, off-road driving, and model aircraft; there are some lovely walking tracks, an off-leash dog exercise area, and you can pay to take on the high-wire challenges at Adrenalin Forest

  • Check the park website ( or Facebook page for possible track closures prior to your arrival; respect the rights of other track users (e.g walkers, runners and horse riders); the Buffalo Girl Track has three shallow stream crossings and can be quite slippery

  • Toilets are located in the mountain bike area and near the main entrance to the park

  • Tracks are well marked

  • B. Kererū Track - grade 1

  • 3km (loop)

  • Dirt mountain bike track

  • Start and finish: once you enter the park, follow the signs to the mountain bike area

  • C. Uno Track - grade 1

  • 1.8km (loop)

  • Dirt mountain bike track

  • Start and finish: once you enter the park, follow the signs to the mountain bike area

9 2023 Cycle Trails booklet image Port to Park


This popular trail provides stunning tidal views across the harbour to Mauao (Mount Maunganui), Matakana Island and the Kaimai Ranges.

Sulphur Point features a marina, fishing and swimming spots, picnic area, carved Māori pou and a large boat ramp.

Fergusson Park (in Matua) and Kulim Park (in Ōtūmoetai) are wellutilised recreation areas that include playgrounds, toilets and BBQs.

  • 1-3m elevation, grade 1

  • 8.4km (return)

  • Concrete shared walkway/cycleway; includes a busy urban road section, bridges and grass tracks

  • Start and finish at the Sulphur Point boat ramp carpark or Fergusson Park, Matua; can be joined from any road or park along the route

  • Sulphur Point carpark is 1km from the Tauranga CBD – take the Sulphur Point exit off SH 2 (Takitimu Drive)

  • Enjoy the inner harbour views, recreational reserves, marine life and birdlife

  • includes roadside sections, and road and rail crossings; this is a shared walkway and cycleway which is narrow in places and can get busy at times

  • Toilets and carparks are available at Kulim Park and Fergusson Park; toilets are also available at Shaw Place Reserve; further car parking is available at parks and roads along the route

  • Nil

Waikareo Estuary Cycle Trail Tourism Bay of Plenty v2


Waikareao means “sparkling waters of the new day”, and as you follow the shoreline of this large tidal estuary you’ll journey through native bush, mangroves and saltwater marshes.

The estuary’s high biodiversity value means it’s a Category 1 ecological area and information boards along the route explain how the ecosystem works.

Motuopae Island, in the middle of the estuary, is a sacred burial ground that belongs to Ngai Tamarawaho of Huria Pā (Judea).

  • 1-5m elevation, grade 1

  • 8.7km (loop)

  • Mixture of boardwalk, gravel pathway, concrete path

  • Start and finish at Maxwells Road, Pillans Point; the trail can be done clockwise or anti-clockwise; can also be joined from any nearby road

  • The Maxwells Road start point is 2km from the Tauranga CBD – take the Chapel Street exit off SH 2 (Takitimu Drive) to get there

  • A family-friendly trail that makes the best of its natural environment, keep an eye out for bird and marine life; there are several café options at the Bay Central Shopping Centre, on Chapel Street

  • A shared walkway and cycleway that gets busy at times and may require confidence to negotiate; includes shared pathway alongside busy Chapel Street; the eastern side of the trail runs along SH 2 (Takitimu Drive) but features a safety barrier to protect riders

  • Toilets are located at Coach Drive Reserve and Ngāi Tamarāwaho Crescent; car parking at Maxwells Road, Coach Drive Reserve, and just after the Waihī Road entrance to Takitimu Drive; limited parking also available at streets along the route

  • Limited, but the loop around the estuary is straightforward

Pukehinahina battle site cycle trail Gate Pa Tourism Bay of Plenty


Tauranga’s central business district is notable for its historical sites, waterfront dining options, and harbour and estuary views.

You’ll avoid inner-city traffic during most of this off-road trail, and you’ll have the option to stop and explore several noteworthy locations along the way such as the Monmouth Redoubt, Robbins Park rose gardens, Mission Cemetery, and the Pukehinahina battle site (Gate Pā). This trail allows you to sample sections of the Kopurererua Valley and Waikareao Estuary trails, which are featured elsewhere in this booklet.

  • to

    0-10m elevation; grade 2

  • 14km (return)

  • A mixture of urban roadsides, boardwalks, small bridges, and gravel and concrete paths; includes a short, steep incline near The Strand starting point, and a 100m incline shortly before the Gate Pā finish point

  • Start or finish at the Te Awanui waka (Māori canoe) and head for the path at the northern end of The Strand, or start/finish at Pukehinahina | Gate Pā Historic Reserve on the corner of Cameron Road and Church Street, Gate Pā; can also be joined from any nearby road along the route

  • Harbour and estuary views, birdlife, and historic sites

  • Includes road sections and busy intersections (pedestrian crossings available); this is a shared walkway and cycleway which is narrow in places and can get busy at times

  • Carpark and toilet facilities are at The Strand and Faulkner Street; other car parking options are available on various roads along the route

  • Nil

Papamoa waterway cycle trails Tourism Bay of Plenty


This trail easily meanders through a series of residential reserves that follow Pāpāmoa’s essential and picturesque storm water system.

Featuring well-formed paths, native plantings, bridges, and information boards, this trail is a great alternative to all the beach side activities that are available only a short distance away.

You’ll also be able to spot the Pāpāmoa Plaza along the way, which offers a wide range of eateries.

  • 1-3m elevation, grade 1

  • 27km (return) not including optional side routes

  • Gravel pathway, waterway bridges, roadside cycle lanes

  • Start or finish at Pacific View Road reserve, Gordon Spratt Reserve on Parton Road, or Gibson Place in Papamoa East; can also be joined from any nearby road

  • The Pacific View Road start/finish point is 3km from Bayfair shopping centre; Gordon Spratt Reserve is 5km from the Papamoa off-ramp on the Tauranga Eastern Link (SH 2)

  • Waterway views, birdlife, information boards, and various leisure areas and activities

  • This trail includes several road crossings; it’s a shared walkway and cycleway which can get busy at times

  • Toilets, carpark, playground and skatepark at Gordon Spratt Reserve; limited carparking on nearby streets

  • Location signage