At the eastern end of the coast, the Ōhope Harbourside Trail provides easy access to a picturesque estuary, which is home to a multitude of birds, fish and shellfish.

The nearby Onepū Mountain Bike Park has 12 short trails that cater for all abilities. Further inland, the Burma Road mountain bike track offers a 10km return trip through suburbia, bush and farmland.

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Enjoy a relaxing ride along the shoreline of one of the country’s most
pristine estuaries, Ōhiwa Harbour. With its multitude of birdlife, shellfish,
and fish species, the harbour has always been culturally significant to
indigenous tangata whenua.

This trail is designed to ensure the least disruption to the natural
environment, whilst allowing stunning views as you traverse a series of
esplanade and recreation reserves.

  • Grade 1

  • 5.8km (return)

  • Mixture of grass and gravel

  • Start or finish at Waterways Drive or Port Ōhope Wharf; other entry/exit options along Harbour Road and Ōhiwa Parade

  • Waterways Drive is 10km from Whakatāne CBD; Port Ōhope Wharf is 13km from the CBD

  • Peaceful harbour views and popular community reserves; spot the wildlife as you go

  • This is a shared walkway and cycleway; give way to pedestrians; dogs must be on a leash

  • Toilet facilities and drinking water are available at Port Ōhope Wharf; car parking is available at both ends of the trail, along with roadside parking

  • Signage at key access points

Onepu Mountain


This mountain biking spot is highly regarded by the local community. Volunteers maintain the tracks, while private landowners generously permit public access.

The park offers a range of mountain bike trails catering for all skill levels. Two of these trails are dual-use, enabling mountain bikers and walkers or runners to share the tracks.

A smaller area within the park offers picturesque wetlands. The tracks and boardwalks in this area are designated for pedestrian & wheelchair users.

  • Mostly flat with gentle elevation - grade 2

  • 15km (includes 13 trails, plus jump area)

  • Dirt track

  • Start and finish at the park entrance car park off State Highway 30, almost directly opposite Braemar Road

  • Park entrance is approx 30km from the Whakatāne CBD

  • The diverse trail options enable visitors of all ages and abilities to choose a suitable adventure; great for families

  • Please adhere to the park rules outlined on the map at the park entry; be mindful of other users

  • Be prepared – there is no drinking water and no toilet facilities at this park

  • Signpost at park entrance and along each trail; we’d also advise you to take a photo of the trail map beforehand, located at the park entry

  • Large drop-offs and steep sections - grade 5-6

  • Some long, steep climbs - grade 3-4

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Get off the beaten track with this bush and farmland trail which includes Ōhope Scenic Reserve, the home of endangered wild Kiwi.

This partly hilly, partly flat track used to be part of the original road between Ōhope and Whakatāne.

It features several interesting lookout points.

  • to

    120m elevation, grade 1 - 3

  • 10km (loop)

  • Mixture of paved and gravel surfaces

  • Start and finish at the intersection of Pohutukawa Ave and Maraetōtara Road, or at the intersection of Ōhope Road and Burma Road

  • The Ōhope Road/Burma Road intersection is 3km from the Whakatāne CBD; the Pohutukawa Ave/Maraetōtara Road intersection is 8km from the CBD

  • In 1999, several North Island Brown Kiwi were discovered in Ōhope Scenic Reserve, which had miraculously survived
    without the anti-predator support they usually need. Nearby residents sometimes encounter these rare nocturnal birds,
    which has led to Whakatāne becoming the Kiwi Capital of the World™

  • The cycleway section on Ōhope Road runs adjacent to a busy main road; no dogs are permitted on the trail - this is ‘Kiwi

  • Toilet facilities and drinking water are available at Maraetōtara Reserve and at the beach end of Ōhope Road; car parking available at trail start and finish points

  • Minimal signage