Haven’t thrown yourself out of a plane before? What are you waiting for?! Skydiving is the ultimate experience that will leave people in awe of your courage, and you’ll be amazed at your own capabilities.

There’s no better time than now to challenge yourself to the adventure of a lifetime. And if you’re going to jump out of a plane, the view had better be worth it. Te Moananui ā Toi ׀ Coastal Bay won’t disappoint. Take in the beautiful ocean, beaches, harbour, Mauao and the city itself as you plummet back towards Tauranga Airport. The different hues of blues and greens will take your breath away. In fact, you’ll be so high that you can often spot Mount Ruapehu, Whakaari (White Island) and Rotorua’s sparkling lakes.

A freefall from 12,000ft or 15,000ft will leave you feeling as though you can take on the world. Our local skydive operators are incredibly professional and safety conscious so you’ll be in good hands when you do a tandem skydive with one of their experienced team. Don’t forget to book a camera package so you’ve got video footage and photographs to brag about for years to come.