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Matakana Island is a long, thin stretch of land around 20-kilometres in length, making it the largest of the coastal islands in the Bay of Plenty region. The land is split between sheltered orchards and farmland, and thick pine forest on the Pacific Ocean side.

Inhabited by a small population of locals, the island has a combination of pine forests, orchards and farmland. The northern side is popular with keen surfers who travel by boat or jetski to get the perfect wave. 

The area is a nationally significant site for biodiversity with a wide range of native species of birds, plants and wildlife. Over 100 species of indigenous New Zealand plant are thought to grow on the small space of land.

You can make your own way over there by boat, or jump on board the Kewpie on one of their scheduled 1-hour scenic cruises and they will drop you off and pick you up later in the day. A ride on the Kewpie is a must-do when you're in the Bay!