Our warm coastal waters are teaming with marine life and this region is home to a wide variety of dive and snorkelling spots that you can explore.

Experienced tour operators will supply all the equipment you need and will accompany you offshore. They cater for newcomers through to diving experts so there’s something for all ages to enjoy here ranging from shallow reefs to deep water environments.

Te Moananui ā Toi ׀ Coastal Bay of Plenty is blessed with many offshore islands and reefs, including Tūhua (Mayor Island’s) marine reserve, Okaparu Reef, Astrolabe Reef (which is also home to the shipwrecked Rena) and Plate Island. In the Eastern Bay of Plenty you will also find Moutohorā (Whale Island) and the active marine volcano, Whakaari (White Island) which attracts an amazing array of fish.

Snorkelling trips can be a wonderful way to gain confidence in the water and catch a glimpse of what lies beneath our big blue ocean, while diving is the most immersive way to get up close to our abundant sea life. Whatever option you fancy, you are sure to see plenty of colourful action in our crystal clear waters.